Women! Never Settle.

Not for a job, a man, a woman, a friend, or even the toppings on your salad.

Gone are the days of fitting neatly into somebody’s idea of how we should be, act, or think.

Disrupt some shit.

Be the change maker, the eye opener, the person who stands for those who cannot.

Own your opinion, plant your flag in the sand and boldly go after it. And for the love- STOP apologizing for it!

You are woman!

You are dynamic.

You are strong and soft, loving and powerful, brave and vulnerable.

Let your light shine, your voice be heard and to hell with the naysayers or the people who are intimidated by your greatness.

You are woman.



Shay Kent

Shay Kent

Teaching women how to be #1 in their lives, without feeling guilty or alienating others through mentorship programs, online courses and workshops.